Resources for Professionals

Many professionals are involved in supporting infants and families following Newborn Hearing Screening (NHS). Teams include healthcare providers, audiologists, services coordinators, early interventionists and other specialists. Each of these professional disciplines contributes unique expertise, while serving the family in collaboration with other team members. The resources found in this section are designed to support professionals in carrying out their roles with parents and families. Several educational modules are offered and some are discipline specific. For example, the Hearing Aid Validation/Verification section provides a tutorial for Audiologists who are new to working with very young infants. The Presentation Resources section includes interviews with a parent about the impact of newborn hearing screening and follow-up that can be used for continuing education for physicians and nurses. Other sections may be of interest to all professionals visiting this site (e.g., Genetics of Hearing Loss, Supporting Families). Downloadable resources are available for community and/or parents. Spanish Public Service Announcements (PSAs) were developed in collaboration with members of the Latino community to increase public awareness of NHS. Visitors to the website are permitted to download these short radio spots and share them with local Latino radio stations. Parent Education Resources and Fact Sheets sub-sections contain downloadable PDFs that professionals are welcome to use in their work with families.