Where Do We Start?

​Making decisions for our children is difficult enough whether or not they are deaf or hard of hearing. When special needs are thrown into the mix, making decisions becomes much more complicated.

  • Be flexible. Just as all children are different, no one educational approach or placement is right for every child. Understanding this helps parents realize that changes may need to be made along the way, and that although they will not always know for certain that they have made the most appropriate decision at the time, there are other options that can be explored if need be.
  • Make decisions based on the information available. Most decisions do not need to be made immediately. Take your time, and gather more information if needed.

More Advice from Parents

Seek out others. Educate yourself. Be patient and know that you have the best interest of your child at heart. Remember that most things evolve and change, and as parents we have the responsibility to be informed and guide our children in the best way we can. Remember that you are not alone and that it is okay to reach out to others. Visit different school programs and join a support network to gain more information. We are so much more fortunate now than parents as recently as 20 years ago in the fact that there are so many more resources available to us. However, throwing all those resources into the mix can make it even more confusing. Don't listen to just one person. To make really good decisions you must know all the options. Reading about these options and doing research is a fantastic way to start. More importantly, seek out other parents who have gone through the same thing. It may also help to talk to various adults who are deaf or hard of hearing and get feedback on the choices their parents made for them. Take time to grieve and really come to terms with your child being deaf or hard of hearing, and don't make decisions based on emotions. Listen to the advice of various people with different views…your doctors, specialists, therapists, teachers, educators, other parents. Read, get onto the Internet and do some of your own investigating. Educate yourself and get a good understanding of the options that are available for your child. Put it all together and think about it rationally so that you can make the best decision for your child based on what you think and feel, and from the information you have gathered and filtered through.