Resolving Our Fears

When I reflect on the first months after my daughter was identified as hard of hearing (moderate to severe hearing levels), my fears concerning her would go from one minute worrying about whether she would learn how to speak, to the next moment worrying whether she would be invited to the prom (sixteen years from then). "Over the years, many of my fears have been resolved. The foundation for resolution of fear mainly comes from the acquisition of knowledge, information, and building confidence in our ability to make the best possible decisions.

Also, hope for our daughter's future came as we were able to meet adults who were deaf or hard of hearing - adults who were leading well-adjusted, regular lives… Meeting a deaf man who has a college degree, a wife and kids… Spending time with a hard of hearing woman who teaches in public schools and has beautiful speech… As time goes by, you realize that being deaf or hard of hearing is not the main thing that will define your child.
Of course there are still fears that arise for me about our daughter. I think parents always have fears for their children. It's just whether you decide to be consumed or driven by them. Yes, there will be some limits and challenges that she will have to overcome in her life, be we are also confident that she will grow up to be a happy, healthy contributing member of society.