National Organizations for Parents

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Support comes in many forms, and families will have unique ways of addressing their support needs. You may find support just by sitting with a trusted friend who is a good listener…you might find support by hiring a babysitter so you can get a break. Most families tell us that contact with other families of children who are deaf or hard of hearing is among the BEST supports available.

Alexander Graham Bell Association (AG Bell)

The Alexander Graham Bell Association is a national organization for parents and professsionals that works globally to support the development of hearing and speaking (spoken language) in individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. They provide information, training, support, and resources to guide families. In addition, the AG Bell Association offers certification and training for professionals in an approach called Listening and Spoken Language (LSL).  (see also Hearing First below).

American Society for Deaf Children (ASDC)

This national organization of families and professionals provides a variety of supports, online articles, and resources. They are especially focused on giving children who are deaf and hard of hearing full communication access, particularly through the use of sign language.

The American Society for Deaf Children hosts national conferences and publishes a periodical called the Endeavor.

Hands and Voices (H&V)

Hands and Voices' mission is to support families with children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing without a bias around communication modes or methodology. They provide families with resources, networks, and information to support the improved communication access and educational outcomes for their children.  Hands and Voices [MMP1] also has a program called “Hands and Voices Family Leadership in Language and Learning" (FL3).  This site has many resources for families and for supporting families in leadership roles.  For more information, visit:

Global Coalition of Parents of Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing (GPODHH)

GPODHH is an international collaboration of parent groups serving families with a deaf or hard of hearing child throughout the world. They are dedicated to promoting improved systems and ensuring that families have access to informed choice and opportunities for empowerment of families. They promote parent/family leadership within programs serving children who are deaf or hard of hearing worldwide.  For more information, visit

The My Deaf Child Program gives parents of deaf and hard-of-hearing babies (up to age 3) free access to an in-depth online American Sign Language course. Learn at your own pace from ASL experts.


The EHDI-PALS directory has information about hearing (audiology) services for children from birth to age five. All of the facilities in this directory report that they have the equipment and expertise to serve children and have licensed audiologists. The directory contains clinic information, including:

  • audiology (hearing) services
  • languages available
  • payment options
  • appointment availability

To learn more about childhood hearing loss and to find a pediatric audiologist, visit:

Other Organizations

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC); Early Hearing Detection & Intervention Program (EHDI)

Center for Parent Information and Resources

National Center for Hearing Assessment & Management (NCHAM)

Parent to Parent (P2P) - This is a growing national organization designed to offer support to families with children who have a special health care need or disability. Families are aligned with experienced parents who can offer information and emotional support. 

Your State Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) Program -
Each State in the U.S. has an EHDI program that is managed by a coordinator.  Your State EHDI Coordinator will be familiar with resources in your State and may be able to help you connect with other families for support.  To find your State EHDI program, visit:

Family Voices – This is a national family led organization.  Their website describes their mission as follows, “Family Voices is a national organization and grassroots network of families and friends of children and youth with special health care needs and disabilities thatpromotespartnership with families–including those of cultural, linguistic and geographic diversity—in order to improve healthcare services and policies for children."

Hearing First is an interactive website, sponsored by the Oberkotter foundation to promote Listening and Spoken Language development.  It is available in English and Spanish and provides support for parents who are promoting listening and spoken language development in their children who are deaf or hard of hearing.  It also provides resources for professionals.  This resource includes video tutorials, language activities, webinars, and access to current research.