The Key to Making Good Decisions

​​​​The key to making good decisions is being informed and educated.

The key to making good decisions for your child is knowing all of the options that are available, educating ourselves about those options, and not being pressured to make a decision until we have enough information to feel comfortable to do so.

Before making decisions for your child, be sure to get all of the information you can from reliable sources. Make the decision based on the best information you can get at the time, and don't look ​back.The key to making good decisions is information. Use information found online, from other parents, from deaf adults, from professionals, from wherever you can get ​it.Ask experts around you questions and become informed. Play an active role in your child's education. Don't be afraid to push for what you believe is best for your child.Knowing all of your options and talking with as many people as possible that have chosen different things and seeing what their outcomes were is key to making good decisions.Don't assume that your child is exactly like another child with the same hearing loss. Two children might have entirely different options before them, as there are so many factors to consider. You need to find what is best for your child, since you are the closest one to him.Sometimes the only way to know if a decision is the right one is to make it and then see how your child does. As long as you are open and flexible enough to be willing to make a change, your child will be fine.When facing a decision, have a goal and then take each step as it comes. It can be overwhelming trying to make so many decisions for your child. Be prepared to change your decision if it is not working, but don't change it every time you hit an obstacle. Make a change only when you are really sure that the choice you made initially was not the best fit, and that there is a better option for your child.