Ways to Track Your Child's Progress

Keeping track of your child's progress will help guide decisions along the way 

You will have many reports from the audiologist, physician, family-infant specialist and others.  It helps to keep them organized for easy access and tracking progress toward your goals over time. Use a 2 inch ring binder with dividers to organize the reports.  

You and your family/infant advisor can talk about the kinds of information you will probably be receiving, but you will certainly need dividers for these areas: 

Educational Program Records 

IFSPs and IEPs – Individualized Family Service Plan and Individualized Education Program:

These are the plans that you and the rest of your child's team write to help guide each year's program so that it meets your child's individual​ needs.

Initial and yearly evaluations:

Before writing the next year's IEP, your child's team members will probe and test to see how last year's goals were met.

  • You can report progress you have seen at home.
  • You can identify areas of observed strength, growth, concerns and needs.

Three year evaluations:

Every three years, a school district will verify that your child still needs to receive special services. This is a good time to look at other areas as well, and see how things are going. 

Report cards and teacher notes:

When you and the teacher build a cooperative relationship, you can keep informed on a regular basis with notes. Hang on to those notes, so that you can see your child's progress. 

  • In addition to annual IEP's, you will also receive progress reports and daily notes from your child's classroom teacher. 

Medical Records 

Keep records from all your child's doctors' evaluations & reports: 

  • Primary Care Physician 
  • Ears, Nose and Throat (ENT) doctor 
  • Other Specialist or records: 
    • Ophalmologist (Eyes) doctor 
    • Geneticist/genetic counselor 
    •  CT/MRI reports 
    • Other specialist your child may be seeing 
  • Occupational Therapist (OT)and/or Physical Therapist (PT) 
    • OT/PT evaluations 
    • Progress therapy reports 

Audiology Evaluations/Reports  

Audiology evaluation with patientKeep records of the following: 

  • Hearing tests & reports: 
    • ​Audiograms
    • Speech perception testing 
  • Hearing Technology: 
  • Hearing Aid Measures
    • Data logging
    • Audibility

​Speech and Language Pathologist Evaluations/Reports  

  • Speech & Language evaluations 
  • Progress therapy reports