Growing Up and Being Deaf or Hard of Hearing

​​​​​*Information on the following pages was originally developed by a team that created a website for families focused on “raising deaf kids”  (see About Us​). The content may have been edited or updated.

Perhaps you worry that you are unsure how to raise a child who is deaf or hard of hearing (DHH). You may feel like the future will be challenging. 

These fears are normal. Feeling overwhelmed will change with time.

Soon you'll know a lot about 'being deaf or hard of hearing' and what it means for your child. Many parents go on to raise happy, successful adults. Find what your child is good at and help her grow.

Every child is different. Each child has special gifts. As a parent, you'll find these gifts before anyone else.

For some children, their gift may be art. For others, it may be science. Some children are whizzes at cooking. Other children love sports. Whatever your child's gift is, help those gifts grow!

Being DHH changes how you raise your child.

Being DHH confuses the picture for a few years. You'll spend a lot of time learning about hearing aids or cochlear implants, schools, and other therapies. You may decide to learn sign language too. Sometimes it's hard to take care of everything that needs to be done.

Start teaching your child how to get along with others early on. Here's what you can do:

  • Teach your child how to act around other people.
  • Teach your child to treat other people well.​

Because each child is so different, you'll have to match the way you teach with your child's individual needs. Read more in the following sections about how your child may grow at different ages and for tips related to childcare.​​