Encouraging Family Values

​Share, Communicate, and Show Respect to Model Values

Young children learn family values from watching the ways parents and other family members treat them. If your family values include sharing, communicating, and respect, then those values will be observable in your child's environment.

  • Use language to make your values CLEAR and accessible.
  • Use language to make any spiritual values clear and accessible to your child.
  • You would be surprised at how early children begin to notice family values and benefit from simple language about them.

Encourage Your Child to Do the Same​

It is not easy for little ones to share. When you see a situation like this one, use gentle reminders.

Sharing encouragement for toddlers and young children

Examples of Modeling Values for Young Children


​​Situation ​Langu​​​​age used to model a value
​Young child is roughly brushing a doll's hair.​"Remember, gentle brushing.  You love your dolly.  Let me show you gentle brushing.  Just like you like it.  Now you try."
​Toddler sits quietly in high chair as mom lets the first bite cool.​"You waited patiently. Thank you for waiting.  Now the food is cool."
​Mom warns sibling to use his words instead of hitting.​"I told your brother to use his words.  Hitting hurts.  Words show respect."
​Dad puts his socks in the laundry basket when he takes them off.​"Putting things where they belong is helpful.  We all help each other."
​Young child offers to share cookie.

​"Sharing is nice.  You are sweet to your brother.  He likes that."