Cochlear Implant Cost

​​The combined costs for pre-implant evaluations, the implant device, surgery and post-surgical fittings are dependent on an individual's needs and the center that performs the surgery.

How much do cochlear implants cost?

Cochlear implants are more expensive than hearing aids. The average cost of cochlear implants can range from $30,000 to $50,000 without insurance. Most major insurance agencies and federal insurance programs provide coverage for cochlear implants.

Costs can be quite significant and may seem overwhelming. Most private and group medical insurance policies cover the cost of the device and surgery, but out of pocket costs may still be incurred.

Does insurance cover cochlear implants?

​Most major insurance companies, Medicare, and Medicaid include benefits which cover the cost of cochlear implants. Medicare, Tricare, the Veteran's Administration, and all other federal health care plans provide benefits for cochlear implants. All state Medicaid agencies are required to cover cochlear implant costs for children under 21. To find out if your insurance will cover the cost of cochlear implants and any out-of-pocket costs you will incur, speak with your insurance plan provider or cochlear implant center.

What programs are available to help families afford cochlear implants?

Some organizations assist families with limited financial resources and insurance. The Disabled Children's Relief Fund and the Foundation for Sight and Sound are just two examples. Work with your cochlear implant center to find an organization that fits your family's needs. Your audiologist or early intervention team can help you find benefits for which you and your family qualify.

What factors are included in the cost of cochlear implants?

The total cost of a cochlear implant will include several factors of the cochlear implant candidacy process including: