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Spanish Language Public Service Announcements
Click below to listen to Spanish language public service announcements.  The announcements were produced by Boys Town National Research Hospital, with support from a grant from the National Institute on Communication Disorders (NIDCD).  The announcements stress the importance of newborn hearing screening and follow-up testing.  The announcements have been provided to Latino broadcasters nationwide.

Hearing and Amplification Section:
My Baby’s Hearing is pleased to present a short video on newborn hearing screening and the methods used to test newborns. Click here>> The video is courtesy of the National Center for Hearing Assessment & Management (NCHAM).

PDFs for all sections
In an effort to make the information on My Baby’s Hearing available to as many people as possible, we have added PDF files for all sections that you are free to download, print and disseminate.

Spanish version of
Boys Town National Research Hospital hosts My Baby's Hearing. The purpose of the site is to educate families following newborn hearing screening through three main content sections: 1) Hearing and Amplification, 2) Language and Learning, and 3) Parent to Parent. We are pleased to announce that the first major section of My Baby's Hearing is now available in Spanish at Our web development team partnered with Dr. Alan Vanbiervliet of the University of Arkansas and Dr. Patti Martin at Arkansas Children’s Hospital to produce the Hearing and Amplification section in Spanish.

The Language and Learning section of the site is currently under construction. Hispanic parents of deaf and hard-of-hearing children are authoring original materials for the Parent-to-Parent section of the site.

Coming soon will be downloadable PDF files on each page of the Spanish versions. This will allow professionals access to a large number of fact sheets that can be provided to families who may not have access to the Internet.

This work is supported by health communication grants from NIDCD.

For Family Members and Professionals: Give Us Feedback
The developers of My Baby’s Hearing are interested in hearing from you about your use of this web site. Did you find the information you needed? Were you able to get around in the site with ease? Were there topics missing or topics you want to see expand? Your feedback will help us strengthen this site. We thank you for taking a few minutes to guide us.

New Products

Language Partners:  Building a Strong Foundation Available on DVD - Early Intervention Illustrated
Boys Town National Research Hospital

This DVD, the third in the Early Intervention Illustrated Series, shows several families using a variety of communication approaches as they provide a language-rich environment for their deaf or hard-of-hearing children.  Effective strategies are demonstrated.

Press play to view a sample.


Length:  20 minutes
Item # 76-432D
Click here to order

The Art & Science of Home Visits – Available on Video and DVD Early Intervention Illustrated
Produced by the Colorado Home Intervention Program

This video explores the strategies and specific skills necessary to support parents’ learning and the deaf or hard-of-hearing child’s development during home visits. It demonstrates how to forge partnerships and promote family confidence.

Press play to view a sample.

Length: 18 minutes
Item No. 76-431D
Click here to order

The Home Team
– Available on Video and DVD
Early Intervention Illustrated
Produced by the Colorado Home Intervention Program

This video shows how to establish trusting, caring relationships between early intervention specialists and families of infants to toddlers with hearing loss. Best practices in this family-centered approach are demonstrated in actual home visits.

Press play to view a sample.

Length: 14 minutes
Item No. 76-430
Click here to order

C is for Curious - Available on Video. Available on DVD after January 1, 2006
Produced by the Center for Hearing Loss in Children at Boys Town National Research Hospital

Created by Brenda Schick, Ph.D., Mary Pat Moeller, Ph.D., and Kevin Williams, M.S.

Leaping cows, egotistical pigs and baseball-playing dogs will captivate young readers. Internationally acclaimed American Sign Language (ASL) storyteller Peter Cook captures the whimsical comic images with his creative use of ASL. This is a story that will help Deaf children explore their feelings, from angry to zealous, while learning how to play with ASL signs.

Press play to view a sample.

Length: 38 minutes, ASL
Item Number: 76-429
Click here to order

Other Products  

By Maureen Mann, M.S., LMHPHidden Frustrations
By Maureen Mann, M.S., LMHP

This book illustrates the life and challenges of the author, Maureen Mann. Ms. Mann, who is hard of hearing, is a licensed mental health practitioner and has specialized in mental health counseling for the past 18 years at Boys Town National Research Hospital in Omaha, Nebraska. She has counseled children and adults who are deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing. Maureen worked with abused children with disabilities and their families for nine years and was a Parent-Infant Specialist for four years. For the last five years, she has been counseling deaf and hard-of-hearing students and their families in the Omaha metropolitan area.

Published by Boys Town National Research Hospital
Pages: 174
Item Number: 76-007
Click here to order

Parent to Parent Section:

In the Parent to Parent section of My Baby’s Hearing you will find recently added video clips that feature parents discussing topics addressed in this section. Several parents talk candidly about their reaction to learning of their child’s hearing loss, decision making for their child, what their expectations are for their child, tips on working with professionals, as well as other important topics.

Press play to view a sample