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baby was created to answer parents' questions about…
  • Infant hearing screening and follow up testing
  • Steps to take after diagnosis of hearing loss
  • Hearing loss & hearing aids, language & speech
  • Parenting issues

The First Steps section provides information on testing, what the results mean and follow up. To navigate this site, begin with

  first steps

If your baby has been diagnosed with a hearing loss, go to the Next Steps section. Here, you will learn about early intervention and to read about other parents' experiences.

next steps

Once your are in the Next Steps section, you will see that if is organized into three major areas:

hearing and amplificationlanguage and learningparent to parent

These are like three separate books - each has many individual chapters. Within these chapters you will find guidance and support on a range of topics related to infants with hearing loss. It may be best to read these chapters in the order that they appear, because one builds on another.

You will find that you can move from one "book" to the other, using the banner at the top of each main page.

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We invite you to visit our site often, as it will be updated and expanded on a regular basis.