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language and learning

Building Conversations

Interacting with babyCommunication starts the moment your baby is born. As you cuddle your little one, you let the baby know, "I love you. I will keep you safe and warm." The process of learning language starts within healthy relationships in early infancy. Babies and parents make special connections through their own unique ways of communicating.

Experts say that how you connect with your baby

  • Helps the baby feels secure
  • Helps the baby learn

As you cuddle and play with your deaf or hard of hearing baby, you will find special ways to connect. You will discover lots of tools for starting conversations…. using words, sounds, touches, facial expressions, hugs, silly games - just like with any baby. Have fun with your baby and you will figure it out. Revisit this portion of the site soon. This next section gives you some additional ideas for starting early conversations with your baby.

Getting Started
Respond to Your Baby's Communication
Follow Your Child's Lead
Talk About What Interests Your Baby
Comment on Objects, Actions and Problems
Affirm to Support Turns
Keep it Short and Simple
Visual Motherese (for signing families)