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language and learning

Building Concepts

boy sitting on benchBabies are so curious. Have you noticed your baby using her senses, her arms, her legs, her mouth, her movements to learn about her world? She makes a discovery and then explores some more. She learns to move a mobile by batting it with her arms. She figures out that little rattles fit right in her mouth, but big round balls are more fun to toss away. She learns that silly adults will pick up whatever she throws and give it back to her. These experiences teach your baby about things around her. She will start to wonder, "What's this called?" and "how does this work?" In this section you will find suggestions for responding to your baby's natural curiosity.

What is its name?
What does it look, feel, and taste like?
What do I hear?
How do I feel?
How can I find out what I want to know?
How can I stretch my ideas?
What can I explore?