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Causes of Hearing Loss

Father and ChildParents who have just received word that their child has a hearing loss can display a wide range of reactions. A common feeling that most parents experience is wondering what caused their child's hearing loss.

This section will help parents begin to answer that question. We will walk you through the process that medical professionals use to discover the cause of a hearing loss and determine the appropriate treatment. The emphasis will be on some of the more common causes of hearing loss. Trying to come up with an answer to the question of what caused a hearing loss is somewhat like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Unfortunately, we do not always have all the pieces to that puzzle and there is not a final picture to guide us. Each physical finding, medical test result, and piece of family medical history provides a piece of the puzzle. Sometimes, one of those pieces can "fill in" a big enough section of the puzzle that the medical professionals feel confident that they know the cause of the hearing loss. It is also possible that after all the testing, after all the questioning, and after all the examinations, the answer remains unclear. You may be told that the cause of the hearing loss is still unknown.

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