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Hearing Aid Choices

doctor and child Finding the correct hearing aid for a baby with hearing loss is an important step. Today's technology helps make hearing aids work even for young babies.

Language learning begins within the first months of a baby's life. It is important for babies with hearing loss to start using hearing aids as soon as possible so that they can hear speech. Hearing aids may be small, but they are complicated devices. If you are a parent of caregiver of a child with hearing loss, you need to learn about how hearing aids work so you can help your child.

This section answers many questions that people have about hearing aids. You also will find ideas to help you with your child's hearing aids.

What are the different styles of hearing aids?
How does a hearing aid work?
How is a hearing aid fitted and evaluated on an infant or young child?
What are some special features of hearing aids?
What are assistive devices for young children?
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How can I help my baby adjust to wearing hearing aids? - Practical Tips