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A nationally representative survey of 1,968 primary care physicians (Moeller, White & Shisler, 2006) revealed that physicians often access Grand Rounds as a format for learning about new screening procedures. In response to this finding, the web team developed a Grand Rounds Presentation in Power Point to provide physicians with a structure for discussing this topic with peers. The content includes recent evidence supporting newborn hearing screening along with recommendations for practice. The content was updated as of 1/2008. These activities were supported by NIDCD R25 DC006460. If you have any questions regarding this Grand Rounds Presentation, please contact Dr. Mary Pat Moeller using the following e-mail address

Newborn Hearing Screening - PowerPoint

The following movie clips are taken from an interview of a mother of an infant with mild, bilateral sensorineural hearing loss. Her daughter was identified through newborn hearing screening and was aided by 3 months of age. The mother discusses some of the dynamics involved in understanding the diagnosis. She talks about the role of her pediatrician and the importance of teamwork with families. Visitors to this page have permission to use these clips in presentations on Newborn Hearing Screening.

Why was it helpful to find out early about your baby's hearing loss?
Were the hearing test results confusing to you at first? Why?
What advise do you have for doctors about newborn hearing screening?
Did it help for your doctor to be supportive?
Why is newborn hearing screening important?
How has early identification helped your daughter?
What advice do you have for parents whose babies need more testing?
Was it hard to believe the test results at first?
What are your goals for your infant?
What advice do you have for the medical community?
Is it important for doctors to be involved on your team?
What can parents do to ensure that doctors are involved?
How has your baby's hearing loss affected your family?