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This page includes a variety of downloadable pdfs that are intended for use with parents of deaf and hard of hearing children. These are replicated from the content on as a convenience to professional visitors. Permission is granted to use these files in your work with families.

Breaking the News
Decision Making
Follow-Up and Rehabilitation
How Can I Help My Baby Adjust to Wearing Hearing Aids?
How Does a Hearing Aid Work?
How Early Intervention Helps Your Child
How Is a Hearing Aid Fitted and Evaluated On an Infant or Young child?
Placements Designed For Children Who Are Deaf of Hard of Hearing
Pre-Implant Evaluations
Respond to Your Baby's Communication
Types of Hearing Loss
What is Universal Newborn Hearing Screening (UNHS)?
What Are Normal Reactions?
What Are Some of the Normal Decisions I Will Have to Make?
What Is an Audiogram?
What Is a Cochlear Implant and How Does It Work?
What Should I Do If My Baby Fails the Test?
When to Start Early Intervention
Words and Terms
Your Early Intervention Team
Your Rights As a Parent